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Join the International Full Time Master Programme in Business and Organization and have the best year of your life! Download our brochure and get the feel how our programme looks in practice.


Polona Domadenik, PhD

Programme Director


We aim to educate future business leaders! International Full Time Master Programme in Business and Organization (IMB) is a world class educational business program. Through theory and practical examples, the IMB program provides the skills of marketing, finance, technology management and social skills, that are needed in the 21st century.


Why You Should Join the IMB Programme?

You can choose from 3 majors: Finance, Marketing and Technology Management. And the best thing–you can decide about your major during the studies, when you see what interests you the most.


Real-life Projects & Teamwork

We aim to educate the future business leaders on real-life projects stimulating team-work learning approach. We bring real-life situations into class, and create on-site trainings in the form of projects and real-time collaboration.


Internationally Renowned Experts & Professors

More than half of the professors and lecturers are from abroad, either as hosting professors or professionals. We provide our students with challenging environment that tries to answer the most critical issues, which appear in the current business world.


Strong Business & Alumni Community

IMB Programme has been successfully collaborating with the business world. Many forms of collaborations have been developed like real-life projects, on-site trainings and guest lectures.

Make the first step in the right direction and join us at the IMB Open Day that will be held at the IMB residential premises at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 18th April and 16th May at 5pm.


Enjoy the privacy and comfort of IMB premises exclusively available to IMB students 24/7.


Our Students Work for ...


Statistics shows that over 90% of all the IMB students find a job in the period of three months after defending their master thesis.



Students, Professors & Alumni about the IMB


Natalija Fale

Studio Moderna, Marketing International


Being part of IMB was a life changing experience and one of the best decisions of my life. As it links academic and research focus with real world experience it gave me a broader perspective in management and managing organizations. I learned how to think critically and ethically about the world of business, and what gave an extra boost to my career were the people that I met there as they inspired me with their ambition and curiosity to travel and explore the world.


It was as my colleagues referred to it - an exciting challenge, with lots of unslept hours, working weekends and other kinds of sacrifices. But already during the programm I perceived completely new level of world that opened to me – being connected with many like-minded individuals and top Slovenian managers, participating in interesting projects, meeting new cultures and learning from renowned international professors. In this sense, the IMB program was one of my best personal and professional investments I have ever made.


Aleš Senegačnik

Area Sales Manager in KOLEKTOR ETRA


Nikola Tanasoski

Director of Finance and Accounting for Cimos Group


Attending IMB was invaluable to my career. I strongly believe that anyone in this program, given the ambition, will be given the opportunity to give back what it has learned to the community and the company, in the same manner as I had the pleasure to do so. The education and experience that I gained at IMB allowed an easy, smooth, and rewarding transition from university studies to the private sector. The program and the environment itself, the intensity of the program, helped me grow not just in professional manner, but managed to become more decisive, efficient and focused.


Jelena Vujisić

Montenegro, Student of the 25th IMB Generation

Tamara Pavasović Trošt, PhD

Professor of Marketing for Managers

Ivana Dimov & Pavao Kaštelan

Croatia, Students of the 25th IMB Generation